Wireless dictation equipment for authors that have no time to waste. Automatic download and connection to a local PC are the hallmarks of these products. Dictate files directly into each product shown and have files transferred via wireless connection immediately after the dictation is completed. Seamless from end to end. Smartphone and SpeechMike versions available.


The Newest and most innovative Product in Dictation

Philips and Speech Processing Solutions have just announced the SpeechAir, an intelligent voice recorder powered by Android.

It looks much like a small Android phone, but it is what’s inside this little gadget that makes it special. The Philips SpeechAir comes equipped with 3 professional-grade microphones that provide for the best quality sound under different circumstances. There’s a 360-degree mic for recording meetings. It also touts a directional microphone for focusing on single sound sources, and it also has a third MEMS mic specifically designed for VoIP calls. More


Boost your productivity

with a professional dictation solution

The Philips SpeechMike Air is specifically designed to meet the tough challenges of document-intensive professions. It represents the perfection of desktop dictation, no longer restraining it by a cord. The pure, timeless design, its outstanding ergonomics, and the sophisticated functionality in conjunction with superb recording quality make it a milestone in professional dictation. More