The admin Disk is for central management and Citrix / Terminal Server workgroup installations of the popular ODMS (DSS Plyaer Pro) dictation and transcription software. The ODMS Administration CD contains all of the tools required to install, customize and manage an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode. Ultimate management software for the Olympus audio solution.


Olympus AS-56 Admin Disk for Olympus ODMS consists of the following components:

  • System Configuration Program (With license)
  • License Manager (With License)
  • Terminal Service Client Virtual Driver
  • Citrix Client Virtual Driver
  • Repository Service

ODMS Standalone vs WorkGroup

Standalone Workgroup
License type
Single or Multi-User License (Concurrent)
Multi User License (Concurrent)
Central License Management
Terminal services (**)
Citrix (**)
VMware (**)
Central Configuration
Group Profile Management
Lock Settings
Deploy Software and Firmware Updates
Custom Installation Wizard
Silent Installation
  • Custom installer files can be created to streamline the deployment process.
  • Almost no client-side configuration is required; the software is ready once the user first launches it.
  • Active Directory can be searched to add users into the system.
  • All ODMS workflow and speech recognition settings can be centrally configured.
  • Device settings can be customized remotely.
  • Group profiles can be managed in larger numbers – allowing for faster, easier configuration.
  • User profiles are accessible from any location on the company network, meaning users have a true “roaming” profile.
  • Software and firmware updates can be downloaded and deployed to specific groups or users.
  • Licenses are centrally managed, eliminating the need to input license numbers individually on each PC.
  • Repository service restricts access to the repository for security enhancement.
  • Citrix, Windows Terminal Services, and VMware are supported.


This is the add on that can take your Olympus dictation and transcription software setup to an enterprise level, without the ongoing costs and maintenance frequently associated with large dictation workflow groups. It simplifies workflow and creates significant benefits for managing a large number of user and group profiles across a network. IT managers can now centrally manage the licensing, perform silent installations of the O.D.M.S software on users machines, and lock down those settings to prevent unauthorized changes. The License Manager gives you the ability to track the use of the Dictation and Transcription Module across the entirety of your workgroup system.

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