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Winscribe Dictation – Advanced voice capture and speech productivity solutions for the modern business

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Winscribe Dictation is a world-renowned digital dictation workflow and speech productivity solution that enables users to efficiently manage their dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.

With Winscribe Dictation and using a PC, a touch-tone telephone, a digital recorder, smartphone or tablet device, Winscribe Dictation enables business professionals to record their dictation when required, from wherever they are using the device that suits them best.  Within seconds of completing the dictation, the file is automatically delivered for transcription.

Key features of Winscribe Dictation include:

Automated and Intelligent Workflow

Winscribe-Workflow-basicWinscribe Dictation is a centralized digital dictation workflow system with the technology to remove manual processes from the dictation and transcription workflow.  Winscribe Dictation’s workflow capabilities are able to acquire organizational intelligence and use this intelligence to make the most efficient work distribution decisions.




Mobile Speech Productivity 

winscribe-iphone-2Mobility and flexibility are critical in today’s fast moving business environment.  Winscribe provides business professionals with the freedom to capture and deliver dictation immediately by using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android smartphones and tablets.  They also enable organizations who have already embraced mobility to deploy an advanced workflow system without incurring additional hardware costs.



Secure Audio & Data Management

winscribe-picture-logoIt is critically important for professional organizations to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information.  Winscribe Dictation makes use of two levels of security: file encryption and HTTPS. There is also a comprehensive set of policy rules within the system for managing password protection, retention, and re-use; account lock out; and force password change.



Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Winscribe-Advanced-ReportingWinscribe Dictation maintains a consolidated information store.  This allows managers to monitor the status of the entire dictation and transcription process in real-time.  In addition, reports can be produced assessing usage, productivity, and efficiency metrics, which can be used to identify potential bottlenecks, and to continually make improvements to the process.



Integrate Data Entry & Management Systems 

winscribe-cloudWinscribe’s applications are flexible and scalable for every client’s requirements. Winscribe’s products are built on Microsoft architecture and make use of SQL & Microsoft .Net technologies. With a built-in software development kit (SDK), Winscribe can be tailored to provide the maximum benefit to users.




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