These central dictation systems offer the best dictation systems have to offer. Easy dictation input via various means including telephone, digital recorders, connected microphones and mobile dictation. Transcription connections are available from virtually anywhere. Extensive reporting features are a hallmark of these systems.

Winscribe Dictationwinscribe central dictation system – Advanced voice capture and speech productivity solutions for the modern business

Winscribe Dictation is a world-renowned central dictation system with a digital dictation workflow and speech productivity solution that enables users to efficiently manage their dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.
Using a PC, a telephone, a digital recorder, smartphone or tablet device, Winscribe Dictation enables business professionals to record their dictation when required, from wherever they are using the device that suits them best. Within seconds of completing the dictation, the file is automatically delivered for transcription.


voice solutions phoenix central dictation system

Voice Solutions Phoenix Dictation Server

The Voice Solutions Phoenix Dictation Server
Phoenix is a central dictation system digital solution for recording, managing, and transcribing dictation. It acts as your dictation hub and can run on a dedicated or virtual server. End-users and admins alike will find it easy to learn while providing a highly customized and versatile experience. In addition, your data is always secure with encryption, profile permissions, and backup options.